Surviving your New Years resolution

How many of us make the same old New Years resolution each year and casually give up by 31st January? A staggering 80 percent of us give up on our resolutions by the end of year or even by Easter in some cases! So why even bother despite the fact that we persistently fail?


I believe new years resolutions give us an opportunity to reflect on the previous year, the highs and the lows. It also is an ideal time to set goals on what we hope to achieve in the new year. To adapt to a more stable psychological state of achievement in what ever aspect of ones life.


It really make me wonder, despite the eager and the motivation, what really causes the struggle to persevere? What truly is stopping us from turning our dreams into action and reality? Its about time we retire our mentality to resisting, to blaming other factors for our down falls.


Cause for failure could be one or more of the following:


1) Unrealistic goals
Be true to your self. You know your strengths and weakness, so set goals accordingly or else it’s only a matter of time you’ll break down and give up (yet again!)


2) Lack of planning
It’s a real life and not a text book….things do crop up which will cause hinderance. Plan on how to overcome or minimise their effects.


3) Getting out of your comfort zone
We have a set way of living in our own comfort…..most if not all ambitions require getting out of our comfort zone. Needless to say its excruciatingly painful to break your comfy routine initially. Your strength lies in getting over the first huddle and persevering through to the following.


4) Lack of motivation and commitment
I reckon a big enough ‘why’ you want to change is the greatest motivation. If your goal isn’t important to you, naturally you’ll be reluctant to take any steps towards it. If you lack the passion in your endeavour inevitably you’ll lack commitment …it’s a no brainer!

Go out there and nail it this year! My favourite tips:


1)Set yourself realistic goals that you know for sure that you’d follow. Out of your comfort zone yet achievable. To utilise your strengths and realise your weaknesses. Use them as guidance and sign posts to unlocking the secret to living your dreams.


2) Be specific and break it down into small chunks. It’s all well and good saying you’d lose 10kg but if you haven’t a plan on how exactly you’d get started on it, you’d be going no where with it. Design yourself an achievable step by step plan and most of all….stick by it! Try not to give up just because you’ve had a couple of slip ups….slip ups do happens, lets be real.


3) What are you willing to give up to live your dreams? What is it going to cost you in terms of time and finance? How would you feel at the age of say 90 when you wake up to the fact, that you didn’t live your dream life, something you could have achieved when you had the energy and stamina? Remember, tomorrow never comes…so do it today and do it now! If it takes getting up half an hour earlier for a jog or swapping a chocolate bar for a fruit snack….Just get started


4) Display inspiring quotes, images and portraits where you can see them daily. These will act as reminders and give you that motivational boost.


5) A positive approach towards your dream as supposed to a forced upon task will be more fruitful. It has a huge impact to see your change as a gain and not losing out on say an hours worth of TV viewing. Try and see the bigger picture.


6) Note your progress and downfall in a pocket notebook or your phone. Perhaps a visual chart form is great for weight loss. Study the pattern in areas of down fall. For example dinner out with friends. If you’re big on desserts, go for it! Perhaps skip an entree or go for a smaller portion or a low cal option.


7) Don’t forget to reward yourself! Very single step you take acts as a stepping stone.


Research show that people have a reported to be more satisfied and gratified when they’ve spent money on experiences than material products. Reward yourself with an aromatherapy massage, a relaxing facial, a trip to the cinema or a getaway! We have the personal strength and resilience to control what happens in our life rather than getting swept away by the currents of what society and circumstances throw at us. I strongly believe our future is in fact in our own capable hand. . I personally find it rather exhilarating to see a new self being shaped that outlines a brand new structure of a new exciting lifestyle…..!