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  •  Makeup
  •  Hair Downstyle
  •  Hair Downstyle

Celebrity Makeover Complete Bridal Services for the bride and her wedding party. Define the look you Like and let us take care of you to everything you dream of for your special Wedding. Come to our salon for your makeup and hairstyle and get together with our bridal professional specialists who will help you to create your wedding look.

Our services include a discussion to determine hairstyle, makeup application, skin treatments, and waxing services, etc. In order to accommodate your wants for this special wedding day, we advice you to begin planning few months before your wedding day. Our services are seldom booked reasonably far in advance and it is best if you decide your service needs early in your plan process and coordinate with our professional makeup staff.


For the bride, celebrity makeover pride in our attention to detail and the extra time we make sure that her wedding day look is perfection! You can choose the services for the wedding day only, or opt for a wedding trial in advance, which is highly recommended; 

You have carefully planned your wedding down to the smallest detail; you don’t want any surprises when it comes to makeup and hairstyle on the wedding day

Our professional bridal makeup services at celebrity makeover will allow you to look your very best on your special day. Bridal makeup is applied with an airbrush to give a flawed skin complexion. Airbrush makes the skin ready for the camera. Lashes are included in the application if preferred to complete your look.


For the bridesmaids, mothers, relatives, and other’s close friends we do wedding day makeup applications and hairstyling, and our team will accommodate even the largest of bridal parties.


While everybody else is getting ready for a wedding, we can’t forget about the little ones! we can also do makeup and hairstyle for little ones

  • Makeup 
    Light eye shadow, mascara, blush, and lip gloss   
  • Hairstyling
    Simple & unique hairstyle

Our bridal specialists provide a full range of services that are designed to make your wedding day all the more magical. Each series of the schedule begins with a relaxed and creative trial run. From there your selected go-to professional will coordinate all your appointments, answer your queries and help calm your stress.

We’ve fine-tuned these specialty services so that you will enjoy your bridal experience to the fullest. And remember: if you don’t know what you’re looking for, immediately ask! We can help guide you to your dream special day style.


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