• Dupatta Setting (we provide pins)
  • Gujarati Style Saree Draping
  • Sri Lankan Saree Draping
  • Party-style Saree Draping
  • Assistance with Jewellery and Bindya
  • Assistance with Dresses/Gowns/Western & Traditional Outfits

Enjoy your event in confidence knowing that your plates  and palu will stay intact while you party and dance 
with our professional saree draping services in Brisbane

Saree Draping

  • We provide all the pins
  • We pleat perfectly a permitted by the fabric
  • We level it just a night to give the most flattening look
  • We will position the pallu in a way that brings out the beauty of the saree
  • We will guide you are to which style of draping
  • Will be most flattering for your figure – and hide the bits we don’t want to display!

We provide a variety of styles of saree draping from the most popular traditional drapes like nivi drape to modern adaptations like belted sarees or mermaid draping

Choose from, Gujarati saree draping, Sri Lanka saree draping,  South Indian saree draping, party saree draping nivi saree draping, or saree style with belt draping

Please note

The saree must be thoroughly ironed and laid flat with a single fold on the dining table or bed to avoid creasing – prior to the arrival of the stylist.

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