From fat to fabulous – Really!

From fat to fabulous – Really!

So what’s happened, you cannot squeeze into your favourite pair of jeans. You just about managed to do up the hooks for your sexy sari blouse but then realised you can barely breathe. An experience sounding a bit too familiar! Well I assure you, you are not the only one.
There are millions of women around the world who are desperately having an uphill struggle to tone jiggly thighs and sagging butts. It’s about time we stop blaming our dryer for shrinking our perfectly fitted outfits and do something about it for once and for all!
It’s no rocket science -fad diets are not God sent and certainly don’t work miracles contrary to claims made by marketing gurus. Frankly, in order for any weight loss program to be successful, it needs to be customised to the individual in consideration with their lifestyle, age, health and fitness status and of course time allowance!
I would love to share my favourite few tips:
1) Keep a food diary with quantity
Yes I know, but its an effective way of knowing why you can’t shed those extra kilos, regardless of your low fat diet.
2) Be a smart shopper
Obviously what you doing at the moment is not working so choose food wisely. Filling up the trolley with cakes, pastries and ice cream never really help. If you buy it then you’ll eat it!
3) Choose healthy fats
Swap bad fats with healthy ones like nuts, seeds, olive oil, oily fish etc There is no need to obsess over every gram of fat…it will only leave you frustrated.
4) Its thirst not hunger
Often people end up tucking in calorie rich nibbles when in reality the body is craving water!
5) Stop eating when you are satisfied
You’ll feel full eating ten whole cucumbers but you certainly won’t be satisfied. It’s wiser to satisfy hunger with a variety of flavours, colours and textures.
6)Never skip meals
Skipping breakfast in particular is a major deterrent to losing weight. Moreover, it deprives the body off adequate essential nutrients.
7) Be realistic – Deprivation never works If you deny yourself treats, you are more inclined to give up all together. An occasional portion of your favourite dessert is not a criminal act! Just beware of the portion size though!
8) Enjoy the flavours
It’s not a boot camp. Having food solely for its nutritional value is not enough. Enjoy the flavours and textures of the food, its more gratifying.
9) Size does matter
The larger the portion, the larger the calorie content!
10) A healthy diet
It’s vital to have a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables to support you in your mission!

Most importantly, it’s crucial to have a positive attitude toward your body. To actually love it and not curse it… The great news is that you could turn things around! With a bit of determination and vigilance, I truly believe anyone and everyone is capable of achieving astounding results!