• Daytime corporate
  • No makeup look 
  • Evening glamour (includes strip lashes)
  • Camouflage scars, tattoos, etc from 
  • Airbrush arms/legs/back  

Makeup becomes an essential part of our life that is required in every event or party. All function comes with joy where each woman wants to look beautiful. Makeup can work wonders for even the dullest of faces. Makeup artists play an important role in enhancing not only the beauty of women but also boost inner confidence.

Every skin tone is different and unique in its ways, only the best makeup artist knows how to highlight skin tone and bring out the best in you without changing your look dramatically. Celebrity Makeovers create the look you want, whether it is modern or traditional.

We all love makeup and No one wants a cakey look on their face. You watch television daily or read newspaper or magazine how your favorite celebrities look so beautiful or natural when they wear makeup well, do you think when they wear loads of makeup how their looks? It’s only the right technique of makeup that makes them look fresh and natural.

Celebrity makeovers provide best makeup services in Brisbane. We know the various shades that will suit your skin tone, we believe in alleviating your natural beauty by highlighting your skin and we professional makeup artists know what shade suits you the best according to you’re your features, occasion, and complexion. Our makeup costs are also within the budget. So get ready to be a feature on the cover page of your favorites fashion magazine.

Henna’s goal is to help you show your best face in your special moments. She will work with you to find the right products to complete that blushing look by providing services like:

  • Wedding Makeup
    We give you the best and most flawless makeup with a professional touch that is long-lasting and gives you an unbeatable makeup combination for the special day of your life.
  • Party Makeup/ Evening Glamour Makeup
    Whether it’s a glamorous evening or a professional party event, you can achieve absolute top-class party make-up here.
  • Air-Brush Makeup
    Providing a head-to-toe transformation for any type of session you can imagine using all of the premium international brands.

Why choose celebrity makeovers?

Henna owner of the celebrity makeovers, henna being a passionate makeup artist loves to give her customers perfect makeup or valuable advice to take care of their skin .she is also known for her different unique, dedicate, and perfect work. Henna is a certified makeup artist in Australia with over 21 years of experience. She believes beauty lies within yourself; so, she focuses generally on highlighting your best features while camouflaging your imperfection. There are several reasons which make us the Best makeup artist in Brisbane.

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