I have learned that a lot of women don’t know what to do with themselves before their wedding day.  They got so busy with all the stuff on wedding preparation that they even forgot to prepare their own body especially their skin and face.  Not able to take care of the skin and face may end up problems like looking haggard on the day of the wedding and the make-up artist would struggle in covering those eyebags and impurities due to stress and not being able to take care of skin and face.  It would be best if you had prepared your body especially the skin to be beautiful so make-up, hairstyle, and accessories would just be an enhancement.

It is very important to prepare physically before the wedding.   This 4-week plan will guide you on how to take care of yourself including skin and face before the wedding.  If seriously followed, this will surely be a great success to achieve a perfect celebrity looking bride on the day of the wedding.

This 4-week plan will start on the first day of the month or day 1 of 30 days before your wedding. 


Week 1 

  1.  Start taking away those things that give stress.  Get the 3 big stuff done. These are church preparation, reception and wedding invitation.  If you choose to have an event planner, better to talk to her early to get those done. The point here is to make sure that these 3 things are set and final to clear your mind so as to get rid of being worried and stressed. 
  2. Exercise and Diet.  Do jogging, walking, yoga, exercise, and Zumba to shape up your body.   Spend at least 30 minutes body toning exercises daily to help achieve a body figure that would just fit to wear that wedding gown.  Also, sweating improves skin texture. Apart from that, eat the right food. This is not the right time to starve. Eating rightly is getting away with sugary food and instead,  eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible to get healthy skin. Also, drink vitamins E and C. 


Week 2 

  1. Get small things done.  Prepare a checklist for the small things that need attention. Review and follow up on your event planner those things that left undone.  Usually, these are wedding dresses, dresses of the entourage, even check your groom and your parents’ clothes. If you are working, better file a leave of absence to give full attention to the preparation. 
  2. Continue the exercise and pay attention to taking care of your skin.  Yoga exercise and meditation will help get a relaxed mind and body. Avoid sunburn.  Stay away to dangerous or prone to accident activities that might give your bruises and body injuries. 
  3. Schedule a makeup trial and dress fitting.  Make sure that your make-up just suits your personality and at the same time complement to the gown you wear.  Communicate with your makeover artist to settle the make-up and hairstyle for the wedding. Dress fitting is important so do tailor adjustments.


Week 3

  1. Polish, polish, polish.  Wedding preparation from the biggest to smallest should be reviewed and polished.  This is to see if there are things left undone and needs attention. 
  2. Do light exercise.  Continue yoga, avoid sunburn and accident-prone activities.  If you feel some physical discomfort, see your doctor. If you find skin problems, see a dermatologist.  Seriously take your medication to make sure you are well on the wedding day.
  3. Go on a massage and spa.  This is highly recommended to achieve a relaxed mind and body.


Week 4 – A week before the wedding.

  1. Be happy.  Meet with friends, laugh a lot and enjoy every moment left being single.  Avoid issues that get you stressed like work problems or family issues that are unfixed. As much as possible fix those family issues especially with your parents and siblings so you can have them attend your wedding.  
  2. Do light exercise or better have quick sit up or planking.  Avoid overdoing exercise. This may get you overfatigued thus making you faint and physically unstable at the wedding. 
  3. Prepare your face, hair-cut and nails.  Don’t forget to moisturize the skin. Have a hair-cut and hair treatment. Get a nail color 2 days or a day before the wedding.  
  4. Eat healthy food.  Never starve.   
  5. Spend 30 minutes or an hour for quiet moments.  Self-examination is very important before facing a big turn-around in your life.


To be perfectly beautiful on the wedding depends upon how you prepare yourself days before the wedding.  Glowing and stress-free skin and face can be achieved if activities are done rightly. The preparation of oneself starts internally.  Your thoughts, emotions and what you put in and take out of your body must be done right. Activites that you do before the wedding also affects your disposition and well-being.  By strictly following the plan will help you get the desired beautiful skin and face on the wedding.

A simple reminder from Heena Mohanlal, “A great make-up depends upon a great skin.’