Indian Make-Up Artist in Brisbane 1

Indian Make-Up Artist in Brisbane 1

Indian Make-Up Artist in Brisbane 1

Indian Make-Up Artist in Brisbane 1


Meet Heena Mohanlal, a makeover artist based in Brisbane, Australia.   Heena does make-up and hairstyling for ladies on all special occasions such as wedding, debut, birthday, contests, etc.

Heena, a businesswoman, and owner of Celebrity Makeovers is a great package of qualities that made her known as one of the leading makeover artists in Australia. 

Heena is a skilled make-up artist and hairstylist.  She owes her education and training from Ash Kumar Academy, an academe known to have trained the finest make-up artists and hairstylists in the world. Her determination to improve her craft pushed her to accept challenging makeovers to renowned lifestyle, beauty and fashion magazines where famous models and movie personalities were her subjects.  Two of them were Fiji Fashion Week and Vogue Magazine. She never missed the opportunity to work with beauty contestants of Mrs. Universe Contests, Indian Film Festival, and Awards and became the official make-up artist to Brides of Asia Fashion Show. From there, she nailed a name as a skilled make-up artist and hairstylist in Brisbane. 

Heena, a high-performance achiever, just turned her Celebrity Makeovers business in an astounding 6 propelling years last August 2019.  As a businesswoman, she started from scratch 21 years ago in UK. Then she made her way to the top, making her makeover business in Brisbane, Australia a huge success.  Her drive is to give quality make-up and hairstyle services that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Her being a performer and achiever got the attention of contests organizers.  She was invited to be in a judges’ panel for various beauty contests.

Heena’s works are featured in magazines, radio and TV stations.  Her name is always associated with modeling, beauty contests, broadcast and print media that talk about make-up and hairstyle.  She made herself visible to the makeup industry she is in. She ramped in the modeling stage, joined beauty contests and even become a State Director at Brides of Asia Queensland.  Her reputation as a leading make-up artist and hairstylist is incredibly built through her own effort to be physically visible in events.   

Heena’s other secret is her ability to show her heart to the community.  Her connectedness to the community through getting involved in health-related issues and bringing advocacies such as supporting cancer awareness made her a public figure that does not only do business for profit but a person who has a genuine heart to give.  By this, she found fulfillment in her work and makes her more inspired to do the best. Every detail of her works is inspired by her innermost desire to help the community.

Doing what she loved and enjoying what she loved to do is passion.  It is Heena’s passion for make-up and hairstyle that made her stay on top of the makeover industry.  Everything she does is pillared with an overflowing passion to give satisfaction to her clients.

Experience makes a difference.  Heena, being in the industry for 21 years leaves a trademark of expertise and specialty in work.  She believes that practice makes perfect. Doing makeover almost every day and sometimes on a weekend makes her even better in her craft.   She knows well what is the right make-up that suits her client’s skin, age, and personality, especially to Indian women. She could also suggest and do a hairstyle that looks best for her client.  As an expert, she aims for perfection in every detail of her work and this makes her unique from any other makeover artists. 

Heena, being married with 2 kids and bubbly personality completes the package.   Like any other woman, she’s hardworking and she knows how to juggle motherhood duties and career.  Her bubbly personality composes her in times of pressure and tough moments. All these qualities combined with skills, performance, reputation, community involvement, passion, and experience come up with a brand sealed as the best Indian Makeover Artist in Brisbane.  

Celebrity Makeovers is not just a business, but this is also Heena’s way of life and fulfillment. It’s Heena’s pride and honor to have been in the industry that has been kind to her.  She poured out time and all the best of her to the business. Living to her passion is her way of life and giving happiness to her clients is her fulfillment. Anyway, she
defined all these endeavors a success.